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Recovering the balance

If human life on earth is moving towards a state of extreme acceleration, heat and stress, then we are currently living in a phase of “Yangnification”. In the ancient Chinese tradition of wisdom, yang stands for movement and heat, represented by the sky and the sun, in contradistinction to yin which incarnates calmness and coolness, […]

Ethics of friendship: A critical study of a forgotten concept

The article takes as its starting point an essay on civil friendship by Pedro Cerezo Galán in order to show the ethical and political relevance of friendship. Cerezo sheds new light on what could be called an ethics of friendship which goes back to ancient Greek philosophy. Drawing on Plato and Aristotle, the article discusses […]

The lost balance

A very simple analysis of the historic evolution over the past three centuries may go like this: We earthlings have been able to speed up most of the natural and man-made processes around us, reaching today an accelerated pace which it is hard for any living being to cope with. Higher speed and acceleration unleash […]

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